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Ace Sounds Still Hungry promo CD album in card sleeve - from the guitarist of Skunk Anansie SASCD001P 3.00
Adamson, Barry The King Of Nothing Hill CD album, g/f digipack CDSTUMM176 5.00
Anniversary, The Your Majesty promo CD album - 2.00
Art of Noise, The Paranoimia Ltd double pack 7” WOK D9 5.00
Ash A Life Less Ordinary 3 track 7” INFECT50S 3.50
Ash Angel inetersepter numbered 3 track 7” INFECT27S 4.00
Ash Goldfinger glitter vinyl 3 track numbered 7” INFECT39S 5.00
Ash Intergalactic Sonic 7”’s 19-track promo CD in 10”x7” card sleeve feat. biog (nice item) INFECT120CDP 28.00
Ash Jack Names The Planets 3 track 7” on La La recordings 1994 LALA001 30.00
Ash Kung Fu 7” INFECT 21S 7.00
Ash Oh Yeah yellow vinyl 4 track 7” INFECT41S 5.00
Ash Sampler Cassette 6 track promo incl. 4 Live (e.mail me for details) n/a (official promo) 3.00
Ash, Daniel Daniel Ash CD album from ex-Bauhaus guitarist PBZ 10012 3.50
Ashcroft, Richard Check The Meaning 1 track promo CD HUTCDP161 3.50
Ashcroft, Richard Science Of Silence 1 track promo CD HUTCDP163 6.00
Astronaut What You Gonna Do? 7” NING 56 2.00
Athlete Beautiful 1 track promo CD ATHDJ 002 3.50
Audience, The I Know Enough (I Don’t Get Enough) green vinyl 7“ with poster 566 228-7 3.50

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