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(prices quoted in UK pounds)

Carrie Molly 7” IS 687 1.50
Cast All Change cd album ‘stamped’ promotional 31452 9312 2 4.00
Cataonia Game On green vinyl 7” & poster NEG114 3.50
Catatonia Strange Glue red vinyl 7” & poster NEG113 3.50
Ceasars Fun and Games 4 track prom CD DINSD255 1.00
Charlatans, The Melting Pot cd album BBQCD 198 5.00
Charlatans, The Tellin’ Stories cd album BBQCD 190 4.00
Charlatans, The Up To Our Hips cd album CAROLCD 033 4.00
Chesnutt, Cody The Headphone Masterpiece Dble CD album (as new) TPLP345CD 4.00
Chicks Let Me Go yellow vinyl 7” REMO001 3.50
Chumbawamba English Rebel Songs CD album (as new) LC12157 3.00
Chumbawamba Ready Mades US CD album (as new) 440 018 071-2 4.00
Clint Boon Experience,The White No Sugar 3 Track CD NANG 06CD 3.50
Cockburn, Bruce You’ve Never Seen Everything CD album (as new) COOK CD 257 4.00
Coldplay A Rush Of Blood... Official promo Interview CD, w/custom sleeve COLDINT001 18.00
Coldplay Clocks promo cd single (in card sleeve CDRDJ6594 5.00
Coldplay The Scientist 3 track promo CD, in card sleeve CDRDJX6588
Cope, Julian Fear Loves This Place numbered gatefold 7” IS545 3.50
Cope, Julian Safe Surfer ‘91 tour 7” JC1 9.00
Cope, Julian Trampolene numbered 7” pack, sealed ISW305 3.50
Cracker Countrysides CD album (as new) COOKCD 261 4.00
Cri Baby Volume CD album in special pack FIDELA810 3.50
Cult, The Gone flexi 7” (given free with melody maker) MF2 4.00

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