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How to order

Our mailing details are;

PO Box 7337
LE19 2ZF

To place orders please copy the item
that you wish to buy and click the order link, this will direct you to your e.mail application where you should paste your request. Email this item to us to 'reserve', we will then write back confirming total cost and availabilty. Once this process has been completed you should post payment to the address noted above.

Payment should be made by 'crossed cheque' or 'money order' made payable to
'J. Phillips' and items will be sent once payment is confirmed.

If you require further details or information relating to any of the items we have listed please e.mail us and we will do our best to furnish you with full details in response to your request.

Finally we hope you enjoy our site and find the information provided clear and concise.

Best wishes and happy surfing, boris@musicfiend

If you require further details or to order any of the items listed please -
contact giving full details of your enquiry